I’m not much for crowds.
I’m kind of impatient

Knowing this about it, it woudl be surprising to find out that I kinda dig book signings.
I wish I could go to more. I hope to go to more in the future. But for now, this is about the two that I have been to and how different they were.

In July 2007, my dad died suddenly.
Shortly after, Nicholas Sparks came to town.
Now, I’ve read The Notebook and seen the movies made from his books and to be perfectly honest…I’m not a huge fan. I think he writes books that make women swoon and cry. My mom loves him. So, when I saw an opportunity to make my mom happy, I jumped on it. Off we went to Barnes and Noble…..
We got there EARLY and the parking lot was already full. We had to park across the street at the mall and walk across. When we got in, there were so manmy people already there, they gave us our group and told us we might want to g o get something to eat and come back in a couple hours. Neither of us lived in town, and we already saw the parking issue, so we just stayed put. For a Very! Long! Time!

At one point, we were up wandering the isles, looking at other books, waiting for our groups to be called, when a line just kind of, formed, around us. We decided to just go with it.
So we stood there, and as the lines moved ever so slowly, we inched or way up. As the night went on, we made friends with the people around us.

Now, every book signing has different rules. For this one, there was no personalization. They wanted to move the line, and thought it would go quicker if he didn’t stop to write everyone’s name in each book. Tehre was, however, no limit on the amount of books you brought in to have signed. There were several people there with cases of books (that went up on ebay as soon as they got home).

It was a long night. All in all, we waited around for 7hrs to meet Nick Sparks and have our books (one each) signed. He was so nice, taking a moment to talk to my mom about the book she had just finished reading and telling her how much he knew she’d love the one he was signing for her. He really made her night. He didnt have to take that moment. There was a long line that wasn’t getting any shorter. He’d been there way past his scheduled time, but he really seemed to have a love for his fans.
He won me over

This past weekend was a book signing for an author I enjoy. I’ve read all her books, and when we found out we were moving to Atlanta (where she lives) I actually got excited.
My husband agreed to drive me into Buckhead and stand around with me while I got my shiny new book signed.
We got there just before everything started and I was surprised that the parking lot wasn’t full. We went in, I got my book and wrist band and upstairs we went. The small number of seats that had been set up were taken, but there was plenty of standing room. TIme came for the reading to start, and nothing.
Finally a rep came to let us know that she was ok, and giving her statement. That’s when we realized she had gotten into an accident turning into the parking lot.
About 30 mins later she came in, clearly shaken, and apologizing for being late.
After a brief speech, she decided she didnt feel up to a reading and asked if we minded going right to the Q&A.
A few questions answered later and it was time to get started on the signing.

AS I waited for my group to be called up, I watched as she chatted with every fan that came up, books in arms. I couldn’t wait.
It was a relatively short wait, only 3hrs, but it was finally my turn.
AS I stepped up to the table….
she pulled out her lip gloss and mirror and started reapplying. While absently signing my book, she turned to the attendant and asked if he thought she would have bruises and burns from the airbag. I smiled politely waiting for her attention to be back on me. Then she looked at the girls sitting behind me waiting their turn in line and asked “Are you girls dead last? Wow, I’ll speed it up then. Don’t you wish you had gone and gotten cocktails and come back?” That’s when I tried to make a joke about my husband dropping me off and going to watch a movie then coming back to get me. She almost seemed annoyed that I interupted her. Hmmph.
Then I turned and asked my husband (who hadn’t dropped me off and gone to see a movie) if he was ready for the picture. He asked me to show him how to use my Driod real quick. It was 5 second for me to show him what buttom. She suggested I get back in line and come back for the picture. I said “It’s ok, we got it” and stepped up for the picture.

Let me tell you, the whole experience was a let down. I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt, which is one reason why I haven’t mentioned who she is by name. Perhaps the accident just rattled her that much. I don’t know. There’s a line in the new book where the single mom is at the snotty school open house and feels like the mother she is talking to is surveying the room for someone better to talk to. Talk about irony. That’s exactly how I felt.

I’m finding myself now having a hard time shaking the experience enough to where I can actually enjoy the book.

These two experiences couldn’t have been more different in ways I could have never imagined