It’s holidays like today that hit home for me,  just how lonely it is for me here.

We’re coming up on 2yrs since we moved here, and I think I’ve carved out a nice little routine. I have things I do, and people I see, and things just wrap up kinda nicely.

Until they don’t

Until you have something like Easter pop up on you and everyone you know goes to spend time with their families and friends and you’re left, alone.

My husband is away this weekend. He opted to stay on the west coast this weekend. I don’t fault him for it. It was better overall that he stay. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

Yesterday I sat in my room and watched people pack up for trips. Today I watched the people who didn’t leave have family over for Easter celebrations.

None of my family so much as called.

The isolation closed in around me today.

I have no family here. Not that it would matter if I did, since they all seem to be too fucked up to be a real family.

The friends I’ve made here all had their own families to spend time with today.

My husband’s co-workers, who try to pretend to be friends with me, forget that while they are enjoying family time, I’m here alone. My husband is on the other side of the country so your husband can spend the day with your kids.

They forget

It’s easy to forget.

A week from now I’ll be emersing myself back into my routine, and I’ll forget too.

Until next time