Not New Year’s resolutions…..100 things I want to do before I die. Some silly, some simple, some far fetched, but all mine

  1. Successfully house train a puppy
  2. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  3. Spend my birthday in Vegas
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Be the mother I always wished I had
  6. Ride a motorcycle
  7. Throw a surprise party
  8. Organize a block party
  9. Visit Tuscany
  10. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  11. Complete a Century bike ride
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Volunteer to build homes in another country
  14. Give $1,000 to charity
  15. Own an awesome set of cookware that I can pass on to my kids
  16. Live in NYC for a month
  17. Spoil my grandchildren
  18. Repaint the house
  19. Work as a photographer
  20. Watch 100 vampire movies
  21. Be comfortable in my own skin
  22. Sing Karaoke sober
  23. SCUBA Dive
  24. Take  my husband to Hawaii
  25. Pay off my mortgage
  26. Spend a week electronics free
  27. Participate in a flash mob
  28. Visit all 50 states
  29. Learn ballroom dancing
  30. Have a healthy relationship with my brother
  31. See Mt Rushmore
  32. See the Grand Canyon
  33. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  34. Run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  35. Make an entrance
  36. Invent something
  37. Meditate
  38. Teach my kids to drive a stick shift
  39. Knit a baby blanket
  40. Create Holiday traditions
  41. Write Thank Yous to everyone who means something to me
  42. Eat at a 5 Star restaurant
  43. Be on stage again
  44. Dance in the rain
  45. Take a cooking class
  46. Build a bookcase
  47. Go to Japan
  48. Earn my blackbelt
  49. Find the perfect pair of jeans
  50. Have perfect teeth