So, school was out a couple weeks ago…however, Conner is starting high school at the School of Science Math and Technology next year and they require all rising freshmen to attend a week long Academic Boot Camp to get a feel for what a typical week is like and see if it’s still something they think they can handle.
The school is in Duluth because it services the whole county. They don’t have bus transportation so they encourage parents to carpool. They even have someone who will set you up with people in your area. So, my group decided to carpool this week so we could work out issues and be ready when school starts in August. If it works out, we shoudl only have to drive one morning and one afternoon every week, which rocks, cause the school is about 20 miles away.
So this morning was my morning to drive in….

We meet at a gas station and Conner and I got there early so I could get gas and some coffee. He got a hot chocolate. My cup holders kinda suck so as I’m driving I keep one hand on top of the cup to keep it from falling over. Conner was doing the same. Everyone was kinda quiet, they are still getting to know each other. I started shooing Conner’s hand away telling him he was “in my space”. After a while, I punched him in the arm. The following conversation ensued

C: Mom!
K: What???
C: You just hit me!
K: No I didn’t
(laughter from the back)
C: Yes, you did. You just punched me in the arm
K: Uhh, No, I didn’t. I’m trying to drive. I have to concentrate on the road
C: Yeah, but you hit me
K: No, I did not

At this point the boys in the back are dying laughing and I am trying to keep a straight face. Also note that I didnt hit Conner that hard and he’s laughing too (don’t want you to think I beat the poor kid, lol)

C: Ok, fine, if YOU didn’t hit me, who did?

From the back: It was Brandon! (Brandon is in the third row seat of my Excursion)
K: See, I told you I didn’t hit you.

That pretty much started the ball rolling. At one point we passed a cop who had pulled someone over and I said “Ok! Everyone…Act normal” and they all froze in funny positions.
Then we passed a VW Bug and I punched Conner again and said “PUNCH BUGGY!” and he punched me back and we got into an argument
“You can’t punch back!”
“You never said no punch back”
“It’s IMPLIED, you can’t change the rules”
“Yes I can, you didn’t say no punch back so I can punch you”

At the next red light I punched him and said “Red light! I make up the rules too”
We start driving again and he punches me and says “White sign!”

It went on like that the whole drive. All these little random things. Like the logo for the school is an infinity sign and the slogan is “Infinite Possibilities” they were saying they didn’t realize what the symbol was so I said “You all fail, you can’t go to this school now”. They were talking about how they don’t have a mascot and I said their mascot was Pi (pie) so they were talking about a guy wearing a pie suit.

This is gonna be a fun group to take to school, lol