No one told me that May was the rainy season in Georgia. And also, it’s been cold. WTF is up with that. It’s MAY in GEORGIA there’s no reason for it to be 46 degrees.

So, all this rain has caused my lawn to go out of control…not that it was in control to begin with. The weeds are awful. Now they are awful AND 3 ft tall. I’ve been battling my lawn since we moved in. My lawn mower is working against me. It seems like every time i get the yard tamed…my mower will break. It seems to take some weird sized belt that is unknown to mankind. I’ve been all over town and no one carries it. Last year I ordered them online and it took 3 weeks to get it here. I found a place that is willing to order them and keep them in stock for me…but it will take a week to get it in.

Meanwhile…the weeds take over. I’m hoping a neighbor will take pity on my and let me borrow a mower.

It’s a holiday weekend and its supposed to rain until….

That’s it, just until…