Book Review

Love Walked In is an amazingly written story. Marisa De Los Santos has a way of painting a picture with her words, but stops before it gets too wordy.

This is the story of Cornelia Brown and Claire Hobbs, told from both points of view.

Cornelia is a thirty one year old woman working in a coffee shop. A hopeless romantic who thinks of life as being plucked out of classic movies. Every person and moment being compared to a classic scene. She meets Martin Grace and the whirlwind romance seems right out of one of Cornelia’s favorite films.

Claire Hobbs is Martin’s 11yr old daughter. When she makes her appearance into Cornelia’s life, both of thier worlds change.

There are so many hard situations in this book and it would be the easy solution to make everything just fall into place. But life rarely falls into place, and the characters in this book have to work for their happiness too.

If not for the story, come for the writing.  De Los Santos is a talented and gifted writer and I can’t wait to read more from her.