Failing miserably….

It’s our own damn fault. I know this. Knowing that does not help matters. In fact,  it makes it worse.

My husband travels.

All! The! Time!

In fact, his current itinerary is…Monday he flew to Boston, on Sunday he flys to Minnesota, he’s there for a week, then flys back to Atlanta from Fri-Monday, then he’s back in Boston and will hopefully be driving home May 22nd. Maybe. Unless something changes before then, and the chances of that happening are highly likely.

Because of his traveling, he has a credit card. Now, we lived many blissful years without a credit card of any kind, and it was good. That credit card has been the bane of my existence for three years now. He gets work expenses reimbursed to him and in a perfect world every charge would be paid off every 2 week.

My world isnt perfect. I have a husband who likes to spend money.

The credit card company had been very nice and let us go over our spending limit as long as we paid it off. Since we routinely make $4-$6,000 payments each month, they liked us. Until they didn’t…

(yes, I know…how can you pay $4000 in a month and STILL be over your spending limit! It’s total insanity, I know)

They suddenly turned the card off. I don’t know why we thought we were special and it wouldn’t happen to us. It’s happening to people all over the country. They said they were enforcing the spending limit and we were over it and until we paid it down, we were SOL.

So, my husband is on the road, in need of cash. The cash now comes from our house account. The money he gets reimbursed…does not go back into the household account, it has to go towards paying down the credit card. The credit card that I fully intend to shred to bits. I’ve always hated credit cards and I think this situation is a perfect example of why.

So, now it looks like I will have to get a job to dig us out of this financial nightmare. That’s great, except…I have three kids that I am pretty much raising on my own. Three kids that have activities they need to get to in the evening. Shit, even if they didn’t have activities, they need at least ONE parent around to guide them. My oldest is 14…prime age where he can go good, or bad. I need to be around to make sure he has the skills to make good decisions. My 12yr old daughter needs someone to reel her in. The youngest is 9, and he just plain needs someone who isn’t his older sibling.  Not to mention next fall when school starts back up, my oldest will be going to a special high school (advanced) in another town and needs transportation. He has to be there at 9am and picked up at 4. That cuts into my work availability too.

So, I need a job, desperatly. But, I also need to have the flexibility to only work Mon – Fri from 9:30-3:30. No nights. No weekends.

So far….no luck

I think I may cry.