I pretty much abandoned this blog. I actually tried to delete it, but because I hadn’t updated  my email address, it didn’t take. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe I still need an outlet.

Lots of stuff happening. Last post was from after Thanksgiving. Since then…the sun has come out, and that’s all that really matters. My mood is lightening. I’m enjoying the warmth. Even getting sunburned. Life is still stressful, but at least I’m not cold.

So, let’s see.

  • Christmas was Christmas. The kids got a Wii and a trampoline and that was pretty much it. They were happy.
  • We started Girl Scouts
  • We dramatically ended Girl Scouts when no matter how much I tried, I just could not get over the disrespect that was being thrown at me by one of the leaders. True to form, we left in grand style
  • My husband took our youngest on his first Cub Scout camping trip. They both loved it and will be going on another one this weekend
  • It snowed! In Georgia! On March 1st!
  • I turned 34
  • Oldest son will be attending the School of Math Science and Technology next year
  • Daughter joined the swim team and I volunteered to be stroke judge. I shoudl have gone with concessions like all the normal parents.
  • I’m far from normal
  • I’m trying to open the pool this weekend (unless it rains all weekend like they say it might)
  • My mom has breast cancer
  • My Mother In Law might be moving in
  • If my MIL moves in, I will have to blog to keep myself from going insane.

I’m thinking of adding book reviews here too becuase I love sharing books with people. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the library and I’m going through books like crazy. I have several that I’d like to talk about.