This year we decided to for go all the pomp and circumstance of the holiday and do something FUN!

So, last Sunday night we piled in the car around midnight and drove 13 hours to Texas. We stayed with family for a couple days. Then on Weds, we all (family we stayed with included) piled back in the car and drove the 5 hours or so to San Antonio, Tx. We spent Weds on the River Walk, then Thanksgiving day at SeaWorld!!

I’ve never been to SeaWorld so it was fantastic. The Orca show was so very moving. What beautiful animals.

We topped off the night with pizza delivered to our hotel room. We tried to find pizza with turkey on it, just for kicks, but no luck. Oh well!

Friday we got up and headed north to Dallas. We got there about 3. Just enough time to check into the hotel and pile on the layers and get to Six Flags when they opened at 4pm. We stayed there till closing. My baby rode his first big coaster (well, it was kinda medium, but he’s 8 so it was huge for him) The Tony Hawk Spin something or other. The video of his face during the first drop is priceless. I almost wish we’d bought it.

We closed the park on the Texas Titan. My husband, BIL, and daughter rode it about 8 times in a row. My back was killing me so I had to hop off after only 2.

Saturday, we all met back up and hung out at Dave and Buster’s for the afternoon. At around 4pm we started the trek back home. We got in about 6:30am Sunday morning.

It was a blast, but man am I glad to be home.