From her:

I don’t know what type of person you seem to think that I am. However, I’m not the type of person to mail any kind of ranting, raving, bitching letter to someone. What has happened between you and your family is between you and your family not me. Therefore I have nothing to say about it. My opinions of others stay with me and not voiced because I generally do not like to create more family issues. I’m simply getting our mailing list together for the holiday’s and such. If you do not care to receive any mail from us simply state so.
Best regards, M

What I’d love to send back, but wont:
I think you’re a low life cunt who loves to stick her fat ass in the middle of any drama. I think you created the fucking drama so you could come to the rescue of your “baby” and protect him from the mean bitches trying to bring him down. I think you create ways to keep him from his CHILD so that he will be more attached to YOUR CHILDREN. I will be surprised if this marriage last more than 5yrs. I find it interesting that you brag about what a great marriage you have and how you and Will NEVER fight or argue, but you also promote yourself as a raging bi-sexual and brag that Will let’s you fuck any girl you want. Yeah, that’s the basis for a strong marriage. And if you want to say any shit about MY marriage,again, come back when you’ve been married 12yrs, Bitch!