A week or so ago I ordered $55 worth a stuff from Kohl’s. A lot of clearance stuff. Some shirts for my husband for Christmas. I updated my address info from moving and placed the order. As soon as I hot submit, it popped up that it would be sent to my address in NC. Well, shit! That’s not right. Something didn’t go through when I updated. So I IMMEDIATELY emailed customer service. They emailed back saying they had sent the updated info to fulfillment but in might be too late to get it changed, not to worry the order would be forwarded to me.
Then I got the tracking info. I watched it because I knew it would be delayed (and this same thing happen with my first coffee order after I moved and it took about 5 days to get it sent back to me). Well, on Nov 18th it was delivered to the address in NC.
I emailed Kohl’s again to say that it was delivered, not forwarded. This is what they sent me this morning:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Kohl’s Customer Support.

Upon researching your order, I have found that the order was shipped to the ship-to address originally entered, when your order was placed, as it was too late to update your shipping address. Unfortunately, because UPS considers the package delivered to the correct address, they will not retrieve the package. At this time, there is not anything else we could do on our end. I do apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

We appreciate the time you took to contact us and look forward to serving you again.


Toni O.
Customer Support Representative

NOTHING they can do!!! Nothing??? Oh, except keep my money. So I’m apparently supposed to be ok with being out the money and the order. Fuckers. I replied back that they needed to figure out a way to get my order to me, or refund my money and that I would NEVER do business with Kohl’s again.

About that coffee order. I have a reoccurring order from Green Mountain Coffee. Same thing happen right after we moved. My order was shipped but the updated address info hadn’t gone through on their end. I emailed and they did a crazy thing and actually CALLED UPS and had them redirect the shipment.

Crazy what people who actually give a shit about thier customers can do. I know one place I wont be spending money at again.