So, I haven’t been here in a while, I know. I’m feeling a bit invisible lately. And of course it’s getting colder and darker and along with that comes S.A.D. so, you know….

Anyway, I just need to talk some stuff out….

So, my dad died in July 07. After that I had a falling out with my brother. He said some nasty things on MySpace about our mother and I defended her. She had lost her husband of 32 yrs she didn’t need his juvenile bullshit. So there was this big childish thing on MySpace where he basically called me a lazy cunt who couldn’t hold down a job, whatever, and I told him he was dead to me and to never contact me again. Of course since this played out on a public forum, all his friends, including his girlfriend got to chime in and agree that I was a bitch who didn’t deserve him. Yeah, whatever.

So, that’s been that. I wrote him out of my life and hadn’t even given him a second though until tonight.

I got a message through FaceBook from his girlfriend, umm, wife? I guess they got married? Anyway, I didn’t even have a Facebook when all this went down so she had to have looked for me. Not that I’m that hard to find, but still, and effort had to be made. We have no friends in common. Anyway, the message was “I want to send you something in the mail, is there an address where I can send you a letter?”




How to respond to that?

I ended up replying to her that I was sorry if I sounded defensive but if she wanted to send me a rant about what a bitch I was, she could save it. I’m good. Then I congratulated her on marring my brother.

The thing is, I’m not beyond mending fences, but I dont think things will ever be ok between my brother and I. Especially if she’s the one communicating between us. Bottom line is, I dont trust her. And him, well, he said some pretty hurtful things, and not just about me, but about my whole family, including my kids…his neice and nephews. That’s just not something a Christmas Card will fix, you know.