Oh, right, closing on the new house.

So that was done…I guess it’s been about 2 and a half weeks now.

Of course it couldn’t go off without a hitch now could it? Of course not! The bank forgot to credit us back our Good Faith Loan Application Deposit. Then when we noticed it and called about it they hemmed and hawed and finally said they woudl look into it. A week later when we still hadn’t heard anything and I asked about it again, I was told it wodul have to go to the manger and she was out of her office for the day. THat’s when I got a bit pissy and asked why it hadn’t been taken to a manger in teh WEEK that they were aware of it? The money was credit back to us the next day. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I did my 3rd MS 150. That was so much fun. It was a 9 hour drive from here to New Bern. This was right in teh middle of the Hurricane Ike, no one has any gas weekend too. Good times!

But really, it was a great time.  I forgot how much I loved these people. It was a great weekend, but next year, I fly. The drive home was a killer.

Here’s a few pics from the ride.

Ready, Set, GO!


After standing under the mister