You know how they say, anything worth having is worth fighting for? Well, I better have 10 glorious deliciously blissful years in this house. I’ve been fighting for it since March.

Our house in NC finally closed. And the clouds parted and the angels sang, and it was good.

Until it wasn’t.

We were supposed to close on this house on Aug 29th. On Aug 25th I got an email from my loan processor saying that he was being transfered and our loan was going to someone new. What?? We are supposed to be going into underwriting and we are passed off to someone else???

I had a couple of items I needed to send in and no one to send them too. Finally got through to the new person and there was one last thing she needed. Closing was pushed to this Friday but only if she got that last item by close of business on Friday (29th) well, my husband had that, and he was on a plane. He managed to fax it in by 4pm, our time, which was 3pm thier time. Only they were closed. No one told us they were closing early. Then we went into a holiday weekend and all we could do was wait.

Tuesday morning I shot off an email asking if they got the info and were we stood now. We were in underwriting, should know somethig by the end of the day.

End of the day – underwriting needs more verification from employer. Thesame information they have already recieved but couldnt understand.  Why isn’t perdiem pay showing on the W2? Because it’s not taxable. You know it’s bad when the CFO of your company says that your loan processor is stupid. But I digress

Next we needed a Power Of Attorney. It’s just impossible for my husband to tale time off when he is in DC and our closing date keeps getting changed. So, I have his POA and get to sign for this thing all by myself (that means its really and truely my house, right)

Yesterday we went back to underwriting with the assurance that we had jumped through enough hoops and that it would come back in the morning “fully approved”. We’re on the schedule for Friday at 1pm.

So now we wait…..