I dont even want to talk about all the crap that is going on here. I’m trying to stay positive. 2008 was supposed to be a GREAT year. So far it’s been the Year of Struggle.

Our closing in NC is balancing precariously on the edge. It’s been delayed so much that I am having trouble staying positive now.

Our seller here, who we pay and very generous rent to, decided to smoke crack and pull a dumbass bitch move.

We got word that the man she was living with was facing forclosure and she needed us to hurry up and close. Hello, we’re working on it. You agreed to a 1yr lease so bakc the fuck off. So, the other day I got an email from her Realtor asking for me to let her know when we close and that she knows we had had some delays but hoped things were moving forward now. I shouldn’t have replied. She’s NOT my agent and doesn’t represent me. I SHOULD have made her go through my agent. Instead, I replied. I said that we had another delay but I would let her know when we closed.

Today my husband calls in a panic. He got a call from our Realtor saying that she was getting calls saying that our rent check bounced, twice. Oh hell no it didn’t.

In seconds I had our bank account up on the computer which confirmed what I already knew. That check cleared on Aug 7th. No bouncing, at all. I called my Realtor back and told her that it was BULLSHIT. The check had been paid.

Then I got on the phone. I called up my bank and talked to a real live person who confirmed what it said online as well as on the automated phone thing. The check CLEARED and was PAID on the 7th. It did not bounce. She also confirmed that the check would not have “bounced” anyway, as per thier policy to pay the check and deduct the money and fees from your account. You go negative, but the check gets paid.

Then I took the check image from online and emailed it to my agent and surpressed the urge to email the sellers agent and ask what the FUCK her client was smoking.

Now, I don’t trust anyone. Rent will be mailed registered mail, signature required, return receipt requested. As per our contract the seller can’t kick us out without 60 days notice and paying us the equivalent of 12 months rent. The way to get out of that is to get us to break the lease. I think that’s what she is trying to do, make it look like we broke the lease by bouncing the check. Seriously, she has no idea who she is messing with.