Today was school orientation.
We left here around 10am to head to G-man’s school.
Met the school counselor and Principal in the lobby. They were as friendly and bubbily as you would expect elementary staff to be. We found our way back to the 3rd grade wing (all of the schools are huge) and met G-man’s teacher. She seems really nice, but I’m not sure if she is a good fit for him. I’ll give it a chance, they might prove me wrong. She is from Argentina and has a heavy accent. She talks kinda fast too. G has some struggles with school so I hope that he can keep up with her. But, like i said maybe she will be just what he needs.

After meeting the teacher we wandered around the school some more. We paid our $2 “donation” for the agenda, then made our way to the cafeteria. I signed up for the PTA, paid for the first week of lunch, found out the bus number, bus stop, and pick up time in the morning. I was also given info about becoming a bus driver

Next we stopped by the house because I was out of checks. As I walked to the house i heard my dog’s tags jingling. I looked and she was coming from across the street. I have no idea how she got out. I could have sworn she was in when we left. Anyway….got her in and my phone was ringing. It was the attorney handling my closing in NC. They needed my mortgage information so they could get my pay off and know where to send the check.

Next was off to the middle school. It’s GIGANTIC. 4 stories and all kinds of twisting halls. Good golly. They had the grades broken up, 6th grade from 12-1:30, 8th from 2-3:30 and 7th from 4-5:30. We made our way, following the heard to the 6th grade wing…..ALL THE WAY ON THE 4TH FLOOR. Wind our way through the maze of the “Lime Wing” and find Libby Lu’s class. The teacher was really nice. Lib had a stick up her ass. Refused to speak or even look at the teacher. The teacher said “Well, if someone wants their locker, combination, and schedule, then I guess someone will have to come over and introduce themselves”. She finally went over and got her schedule and locker stuff. Her schedule isn’t done. They said we registered too late but they should have it by Monday. Geez.

Ok, so we leave the classroom and try to find our way back to the front of the school. End up all the way downstairs in the cafeteria, but we found the bus info there, so it was ok. Walk around in circles forever, not finding the way to the front. Finally go up another flight of stairs, wind through some halls, go back down a flight of stairs and there is the front.
We couldn’t go to C’s classes until 2 because they were having meetings. So we went to the lobby to wait. Lib asked if she could try to find her class on her own. I said sure. She needs to figure it out anyway right. After 30 mins when she hadn’t come back down, I sent C to look for her. He couldn’t find her. So I went looking. Couldn’t find her. Came back to the office and had her paged, just as she walks down. She had been walking in circles for an hour at this point. She said she asked for help and they sent her to the cafeteria. Then she couldn’t find her way back.
By this time it was 2 and we could go to C’s class. His teacher seemed pretty awesome. All of the classes are in blocks and they all lead to each other. He just has to go to the 4th floor for gym, and the 1st floor for lunch. Oh, and his schedule was complete. Go figure. I registered everyone the same day.

So, now I’m home and it’s POURING rain. I sure wish I had my rain barrel.