I’m weathering.

It seems like every hurdle I get past there’s another one just ahead.

Our NC closing got pushed back a week. We were told that our buyers buyer’s bank was behind on paperwork and it was going to take another week to get everything together. No big deal. We managed.

We planned to go back up to NC this past Friday evening after my husband got off work. Instead, work needed him to fly up to Ohio for the day. It would put him home too late to drive the 6 hours to our house in NC. He wanted to be home on Sunday so he could have one day to relax before flying back to DC this week. That meant driving 6 hours to NC, being there for about an hour or two, then driving 6 hours back all on Saturday. Not what I want to do for fun on a Saturday. Well, we called our Realtor to make sure we were still on for next Weds.

That’s when the fun began.

I left a message and got an email back that the buyer’s buyers were having trouble getting thier loan approved so our buyers couldnt buy until thier house was sold. Only problem is, there was no contingency in our purchase agreement. They wanted to extend the clsoing dat to the 14th. At that point, its costing us money. another mortgage payment, our home owners insurance renewed, and because the 14th is past our lock in period for our new mortgage, we woudl have to pay nearly $250 to keep our rate. We were willing to extend the clsoing date, but we wanted something. We asked that they pay for the Home Warranty.

On Friday, I got a call from the Realtor. She said that when she talked to the buyer’s agent, that agent replied “So, your sellers are willing to risk the sale of thier house over a $400 Home Warranty”. When my agent told me this, I lost it. Yes, I was ready to walk away. I know the economy sucks, and I know this market is shitty, but tat doesnt mean I have to bend over and take it either. So, I told my agent since they were already in breach, they could agree to our terms, or we woudl walk away…with thier earnest money.

So, it was presented to the buyers that they could either buy thier own home warranty, go without one, or the agents could get together and buy it. We really didnt care which.

Saturday and Sunday went by without an answer.

Today, around noon, I got a call that not only did they agree, but they are ready to close on Thursday. We went from one point to another. So now I was on the phone with the atorney’s office trying to co ordinate getting the deed to me, then to my husband in DC, then back to them. Oh, and there is the issue of the last few items we have at the house.

Oh, did I mention Open House for the schools is Thursday. I have to be here to go to that, get the kids schedules and find out the bus info.

So, the attorney is sending me something to sign here, and my husband something to sign in DC. My mother-in-law is going by the house to pick up the last of the stuff, and hopefully this leg of our journey will be finished on Thursday.

One hurdle crossed, another one up ahead….