2 weeks in DC turned into 3 weeks in DC.  On top of that they tried to keep him out another week. He told them that when an emergency situation occured, he dropped everything and was the “good company man” and went to work. He was basically told to suck it up and that’s what he did. Now, it’s thier turn to suck it up, he was taking a week off.

So…..NEXT weekend, I’ll head back to the NC house. We’ll pack up the rest of our stuff, mostly cleaning stuff, the push mower, and my poor plants which I hope survived (shit, I just realized next weekend marks a year since my dad died). My realtor is supposed to be preparing the deed for us to go ahead and sign. She’ll sign the HUD sheet at closing so we wont have to travel back up on the 31st. Things on that end seem to be going well.

Things on this end are nuts. Since my husband has been on the raod, he hasn’t been available to sign the paperwork needed for the mortgage loan. Add to that all the instability going on in the banking industry and, well, I’m starting to freak out. I’m glad we were able to get a 1 yr lease here so we have time to work things out. BUT!!! I want my OWN house. I dont want to live in someone elses.

I managed to get the kids registered for school. They started Aug 11th. Not soon enough! They need to get out and make friends. I’m trying to get my youngest to sign up for soccer again so he can meet people, but so far he’s been reluctant.

The pool is still not swimable. I am doing one more week of scooping, vacuuming, backwashing, and treating, if that doesn’t clear it up, I’m calling in the pool guys.

I’m slowing taming the jungle that is the back yard as well. We have so much space, but it’s been so neglected for so long. It’s an overwhelming process. My neighbor across the street owns a landscaping company and his crew takes care of a couple of the yards on the street, but I’m afraid I need so much done that it will cost me a fortune.

We’re also working on getting the kids involved in thier various activities. We are going to check out a few dance studios next week. We have a Family Sports place here that offers Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Music Lessons. I’ll check it out, but it seems a bit generic. I could be wrong. We also have a branch of Swim Atlanta here so I might sign them up for swim lessons

So much to do, but with each thing down this place feels a bit more like “home”