So, we’ve been in the house a week.

This has been a strange ride.The movers showed up on July3rd and packed up our whole house in 4 hours. We had fast food, then took the kids to my MIL’s house. We fibbed a bit and told everone we were going to stay at the house with the dog. Instead we got a hotel room, just the two of us.

July 4th we got up early, went to the house and let the dog out, packed up the last of the stuff the movers wouldn’t take, picked up the kids and headed out.

Six hours later we pulled into our new driveway. Things seemed screwed up from the start. The water wasn’t on. We had already put down deposits and gotten stuff in our name and the water was SUPPOSED to be on, so my husband went out to the water main and turned it on. They havent turned us off yet so I’m hoping that was ok. We couldn’t get the gas to come on either, but that finally worked inself out. We think the house has been sitting empty for about a year. We dropped off the aminals and headed to a hotel for Friday night. Saturday morning the movers were supposed to be there, but they had been delayed and wouldn;t be there until Sunday morning. I needed a fridge snce we left the one in our old house and the new house didn’t have a fridge. Also, Directv was supposed to be there to hook up Satelitte Saturday between noon and 4pm.

So, we got up, went to the house to let the dog out, then went fridge shopping. We found something we liked so I went back to teh house to wait for the tv guy and my husband went to pick up the fridge.

FIVE HOURS LATER….I still had no tv because the satelitte guy showed up and then said he couldnt do anything ebcause we didn’t have a tv in the house. When I asked him to start and I would get a tv from somewhere he refused and left. I got on the phone trying to get someone else out but by that time I was pretty much freaking out.

Sunday morning at 7:20am the movers showed up. While they were moving stuff in we started again trying to get the tv service turned on. After an all day thing we finally got them to schedule today as the install day. Right after all our stuff was delivered, my husband took a nap because he had to leave and drive from GA to DC to work for 2 weeks. Yeah……we move down here and he leaves for 2 weeks. As if that wasn’t fucked up enough, his boss said about the situation, “We all have to make sacrifices”. Wonderful.

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was

So, he took a nap, then we went to his office so I could hop online for a few mins to check email and grab some phone numbers.

Then my husband left for DC and I came back to the house and cried. I just wanted to go “home” and this was not my home.

This week has been rough.

We are trying to proceed with buying this house ASAP, but we are running into road blocks. I’m worried. I know I will love this house, but right now it doesn’t feel like mine. I feel like I’m playing make believe. I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but it’s been hard.

Today was install day for the satellite and true to my dream last night, it didn’t happen. They gave us a bullshit line that they gave our order to a tech who didn;t work this area. I was pissed after spending an hour on the phone to be told this. My husband called and they gave him another BS line about computers being down. He called corporate we was just as pissed as he was and they all had a conference call with local. Corporate told local they needed to get someone out here TODAY. They also gave us a $100 credit.

Later my husband called to say that the install was scheduled for TOMORROW. We get the $100 plus few months because local had thier head up thier ass. If they don’t show up tomorrow, I might hurt someone.

Meanwhile today, a co-worker/supervisor of my husband’s came over to try to help get my nasty pool up and running. We ended up needing a new pump that he wouldn’t let me pay him for. It will be another 4 days to a week before it will be swim ready but at least it’s a start.

I’ll be meeting my husband back at the other house next weekend. Hopefully we will be close to closing on it. My Realtor there is pretty useless. the only reason she wasn’t fired before we left was because an offer came through. She hasn’t returned my emails or phone calls this week.

Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the moneys gone