I feel sick. I want to cry and puke all at once.

Movers come July 3rd. No this house has still not sold, in fact we havent even had a showing in 2 weeks. We are leasing the house in Ga. We are locked into a year long lease. At any time during the year we can buy the house. If after a year our house still hasn’t sold, we lose everything we’ve put into the new house (unless the owners decide to let us continue to lease on a month to month basis). Honestly, if we are still in this position in a year, I’m moving back here. With or without my husband. Needless to say, this whole process has put an insurmountable strain on our marriage and I’m not sure if we will recover.

So why am I moving? It’s a leap of faith. I’m putting everything on the line and jumping with the hopes that the Universe will catch me. I want us to be happy. I want us to survive. I’m really hoping that we can.