I’ve never felt more mentally inept than I do now.

We still haven’t sold this house. We’ve picked up on showings a bit, but nothing worth writing home about. Everyone wants something for nothing. I had one of those home investor agencies offer me $60,000 for it. Laughable. That wouldn’t even cover my mortgage. No, I’d rather just stay put. It’s not like I’m facing foreclosure or something and am desperate to take anything thrown at me.

The sellers of the GA house offered to let us lease the place. They had a great idea. We could move everything down there. Live in the house. Pay them $1400 a month in rent. Keep the house presentable and ready for showings at any time. And, if they got a buyer, we had to move. Doesn’t THAT sound like a great idea?

So, when we declined that, they came back and said they would let us rent for 6 months before they would start marketing the house again, but if our house hadn’t sold in 30 days, we had to lower our asking price by $5,000. Now, we just lowered it $7,500, I’m not lowering it again, and certainly not because someone else told me to.

So, we declined that one as well.

Then they came back asking “What do we have to do to get you to lease the house?” Hmmmm….interesting.

Well, for starters, I’m not a renter. I don’t want to be treated like a renter. I wont treat the house like a rental, because my goal is to buy the house. I want no less than a 12 month lease with the option to purchase at any time during the lease period. I want 10% of my monthly lease payment to go towards the price of the house, and everything is contingent upon a home inspection. I gave a bit too. I added in there that if we didn’t exercise our option to buy they got to keep all of our lease allowance plus the $2,000 deposit, plus our $1000 earnest money.

So, we are waiting. If they say no to this, I’m walking. Good luck to them. The house has already been on the market for a year and we are the 3rd buyers they have had. I love that house, but I’m no longer in the mood to play nice.