For my own mental health, I just can’t do this anymore.

Yesterday was already a bad day, but it got worse as the night progressed. And maybe I’m being unfair since the drama that showed up on my doorstep wasn’t really mine, just mine by proxy. It still effected me and my family.

At 10pm my doorbell rang. We are homebodies. People dont visit during the light of day and they certainly dont come knocking when all the lights are out. My daughter met me in the hall and said “It’s the neighbor, something’s wrong” I went to the door to find my neighbor standing with her baby on her hip dressed in sweatpants and a torn bra. She was shaking and crying and needed me to call the police.

The story that unfolded was more than my head could take. Her situation is not mine to judge but I can say that from my experience it was caused by youth and naivety.

Her husband is military. He’s out of state right now at schooling in Texas. She had a male friend that, according to what she told my daughter, her husband hated and told her he could only come over if he wasn’t there. He showed up as soon as the husband left and has been a fixture there since. Like I said, not my place to judge. Her situation is her own. I guess she asked him to leave today. He went out drinking. Came back, they argued. He wouldn’t leave so she grabbed her daughter to try to make a run for it. When she got in her car he blocked her in then pulled her out of the car and was hitting her. He pulled her clothes and ripped them off. She was able to get away and grab her baby and run to mt house. AT which point he grabbed her keys and locked her car and her house and left.

I called the police for her and they sent someone over. She was giving them his information when he came back. The police were able to chase after him and arrest him.

Meanwhile, the police station calls me back. Someone in her family had called the police station trying to find out what was going on. In the time that he was locking her out of the house he called everyone in her phone book and gave them all the sordid details of what was going on.

By 11:45 the police were ready to take her to the station to file charges.

I should also mention that her 2yr old doesn’t know me and is going through that stage where she doesn’t want to be around anyone she doesn’t know. Every time my neighbor went to talk to police, she left the baby here and she would scream as though I was killing her. The screaming woke up my other 2 kids who were upset that they had been woke up. It’s also exam week. My 13yr old was actually mad and crying because he thought I was having some sort of party and was pissed that I was letting all this happen and keeping him awake. When they took her to the police station she asked if she could leave the baby with me. I hated to, but I had to say no. There as nothing I could do to comfort that child and i had to think of my own at that point.

I can understand what this woman is going through. I’ve been in that same position. I’ve had a man stand between me and my child and not let me get to him. I’ve jumped in a car trying to flee only to be pulled out. I’ve  been through all of this while not having one single person I could turn to. I understand. I was also young and naive and thought the best of people even when they showed me their worst. It was a long hard struggle to get to where I am now.

Where I am now is torn between helping this virtual stranger and keeping my kids from that kind of drama