My blog isn’t much of a “mommy blog”. I don’t really feel like I talk that much about my kids. My youngest is 8 and they up to 11 and 13 from there. They have long passed these milestones that people are recording in their blogs.

Sometimes I wish I had been blogging when they were little. I was on message boards, but I’m discovering that it’s not the same as carving out my own piece of the internet.

Random strangers congratulated me on the birth of my youngest. More strangers saw me through that first year, and my husband leaving for a travel job. I turned to the boards for adice, support, wisdom. I relayed funny stories. Now, all of that is gone. Message boards change and fall. Posts get deleted. Whole groups disapear. People come and go. And you really have no control over any of it.

My 11yr old daughter will ask me every now and then…”Remember when I….?” and some times I don’t. It would be great to have archives to read through and laugh and remember that funny story.

The current trend seems to be Down with Mommy Bloggers. The critics say that these moms are pimping out their kids for a paycheck. While it’s true that some moms make a good profit off their blogs, many more don’t make a dime, or make just enough to cover their domain costs. No, more so these women are leaving behind easily retrievable memories. When their kids say “Remember when….” not only can they say “yes I remember”, but they can take their kids to the computer and relive the event through their blog.

The Baby Book has found a new medium.