I got a phone call today.

That’s not completely accurate. I got THE phone call today.

We have an offer.

I met my Realtor at her office and looked over everything. It’s not spectacular, but it’s well within our do-able range. We had just dropped the price $7,000 and they offered $3,500 under that, which is what buyer’s do. They also want all us to pay all of their closing costs. Like I said, it’s not spectacular, but it’s still do-able. We still walk away with a profit. The want to close in 4 weeks on June 16th.

Our contract in Ga is supposed to close on June 16th. I’m going to see if they will let us push it one day so we can close here and drive down there.

Now the fun part comes. Holding my breath and praying that nothing unexpected comes up during inspections. Getting our financing finalized for GA (we are pre-approved). PACKING!

I’ve done my part, I sold the house. Now it’s my husband’s turn to take care of the money part.