So, Friday was a bad day. My husband flew home from NYC and rented a car at the airport. He was only going to be home for the weekend before flying back out to Tampa, fl and his company car in still in ATL. Confused yet?

Anyway, rented a car, came home. We picked the younger two kids up from school, went back home and met the oldest getting off the bus. My husband was “bored” and wanted to go do something. He planned on taking the kids out for ice cream then taking them to Walmart to buy something. He’s the fun parent.

So, off we went. That’s when the hit and run happen. See below.

We are all ok.

I’m still pissed by this man’s total lack of moral compass.

So, we get home and I UPS arrives with the Mother’s Day present I bought myself. I refer to it as the Dooce Bag.

Also seen here. And envied here. Which is where I first saw it and decided I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Although her her bag is a different pattern that mine, it’s the same bag.
And, It’s awesome. So much better than even the picture can so. I could easily fit a small child in there. I made sure to thank my husband and children for their thoughtfulness for such a wonderful gift. They all just nodded in agreement.

Then, Saturday, we spent the day finishing all those projects around the house that depsperatly needed to be done. A piece of trim along the back roofline needed to be replace, then it all needed to be repainted. I pulled all the grass out of my flower bed. Why I can grow grass in the flowerbed but not in the actual yard is a mystery, but hopefully will soon be someone else’s problem.

We both pretty much collapsed with exhaustion by the end of the day.

Sunday, we had invited my MIL and her “Gentleman Friend” to a late lunch for Mother’s Day. This was a feat in magnanimity for me seeing as how the two of us simply do not get along. The meal was nice and uneventful. We went to a really great locally owned steak house. The bill was insane.

After lunch/dinner, my husband and I went to see Iron Man. This is where I break out in Nelson’s rendition of Iron Man:

I am Iron Man

do do do do do do do

Vote for me

The movie was FANTASTIC. Really the best comic book turn movie I’ve seen. Robert Downy Jr was perfect for the role. I love how it was updated. The computer and robots made me laugh.

Our weekend was rounded out by a 6am flight to Tampa on Monday. My husband was up and out of the house by 3am to drive the hour to the airport. He’s staying out for 2 weeks which is going to drive me crazy. He was just out for 3 weeks this last time.

So, as for the house situation. I’m starting to panic a bit. The back up offer we made has now gone into effect. We have 2 weeks to walk away without loosing our earnest money. Also, 2 weeks to get all of the inspections and stuff done. However, we still haven’t sold THIS house. Haven’t even gotten an offer yet. We did have a showing this morning that I feel positive about. I hope I hear something soon. At this point I’d honestly take just about anything just to get out of this house. I’m ready to have my husband back. 8yrs is long enough.