After my husband came home today, we went for lunch, then picked the kids up from school. We were on our way to get ice cream and going down a side road that’s pretty heavily traveled. The speed limit is 35, but no one ever goes 35. Dennie was driving (the rental car) and going about 45 and this guy was tailgating us BAD. So, Dennie slowed down to 35, the speed limit, just as a way to say “Hey buddy, slow the fuck down”. We got to a stop light and the guy got in the turning lane. We went straight and suddenly this guy was behind us again. We think he got in the turn lane to try to get around us, but then couldn’t because of traffic. Anyway, he’s still tailgating us. Someone stopped in front of us to turn. We stopped. This guy didn’t. He hit us. Dennie put the car in park, expecting to get out and get insurance info, etc. This guy swerves around us and TAKES OFF. We put the car in drive and start following him and he’s FLYING. Going through stop signs, running red lights. We couldn’t keep up with him. All the time, Dennie is yelling at me to “Call 911”. I left my phone at home and his was in his pants pocket so I’m yelling “Where’s your fucking phone?” I finally got the phone and called the police, but we had already lost him at that point so we pulled over and waited for the police officer. We filed a report, but unfortunately we could never get close enough to get a license plate number so the chances are slim to none that this guy will get caught.
It pisses me off, not that he hit us, because accidents happen, but that he could just leave like that. Actively trying to get away. We had KIDS in the car. What if someone had been hurt. He just didn’t give a shit. What kind of person does that?
The up side, I guess, is that
It wasn’t my car
It’s covered under the companies insurance since they rented it (and they were contacted and are ok with covering it. It’s under the corporate policy anyway)
Everyone is ok

However, it if HAD been my tank, chances are the guy would have been stuck under my bumper and unable to get away.

I am sore. My head, neck and shoulders are stiff. I have a chiropractor that I see regularly anyway, so I will probably take everyone to see him on Monday., It kinda pisses me off that it will be on my dime since this guy got away.