One thing I think I really have a knack for is gift giving. With a specialty in card giving.

I will stand in the card isle for hours searching for the perfect card. The one that conveys exactly what I want to say. My favorite story to tell about this involved my BIL.

A few years ago, we went to Texas to visit my BIL, SIL, and 1yr old neice. My inlaws have birthdays within a week of each other, and my neice was born 2 weeks before that, so everyone’s birthdays were falling right in teh same time we were there. With all the hub bub over my nieces 1st birthday, my SIL had kinda gotten forgotten. Well, I wasn’t going to let THAT happen.

I found out that my BIL had forgotten to get her anything and he asked if I would run out and get a card. He’d take her out to dinner that night and she’d never know he had forgotten. So, off I went.

After about 20 mins I found it. It was perfect. It was all about sharing a life with a person and loving their quirks. There was a snippet about closet space. They had JUST remodeled and build in more closet space in their bedroom. It was perfect. I took it back and snuck it to him to sign and give to her. She loved it. She talked about it all week. She showed it to everyone. She gushed about how perfect the card was and how sweet he was to pick it out just for her. My work was done.

Every year I take great care to think of perfect gifts to reflect who I’m giving to and what they meant to me. I started a tradition of giving my niece a charm every year for Christmas. The first year she got the bracelet to put the charms on and a bear charm because Bear was part of her nickname. The next year they moved and bought a new house. I searched and searched and found a house charm for her bracelet. Last year for her birthday I bought her a butterfly garden, and at Christmas I found a butterfly charm. I start thinking about what charm to get her for Christmas around July.

All of this brings me to dance recital gifts. Dance is nw to us this year, adn I wasn’t familiar with recital gifts. It seems that flowers are pretty standard. Flowers rock. What girl doesn’t like getting flowers. I buy myself 2 bouquets a week. One goes on my hearth and the other on my kitchen table. Flowers bring a room alive. Flowers are also cliche. I’ve never been one to fall in line and do what everyone else is doing. If everyone else is giving flowers, or the newest twist, cookie bouquets, I was going to be different.

So, I went on a search.

I found the perfect gift. It just happens to be a charm bracelet. With a charm that expresses what I want more than anything for my daughter … “Believe in yourself”

Instead of waiting until after the recital, I’m going to give it to her just before and see if she can wear it during. Just a reminder that she can do anything.

And, ok, I might have flowers for after the recital, just because…who doesn’t like flowers