So, not much progress since the last post. Still trying to sell this house.

We had an Open House on Sunday. I spent the whole week busting my ass cleaning, packing, organizing, painting, and staging. The house looked FANTASTIC. The rain that was supposed to come held off and it was a beautiful day. The perfect day to sell a house.

No one showed up

At all

Not one person

And, my Realtor was late showing up.

She’s “busy”. Busy doing everything BUT selling my house.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she wanted me to consider dropping my price. Ummm, maybe after being on the market longer that 2 months we can talk about that. As it is, we already have it so low that we aren’t really making anything. You know, we aren’t trying to get rich here. We just want to move. I just want to live in the same state my husband works in.

Even no one showing up didn’t bring me down. I was proud of all the work I had put into the house and I wasnt going to let anything bring me down. I was sure that I would get a call for a showing anyway. So far, no.


THE HOUSE. The one we want in Dacula….looks like the previous contract might go through after all. Seems the other buyers got their finances together. They are supposed to close next week.

This has GOT to be against the Geneva Convention. It’s inhumane torture.