Put on your Earth Shoes,  plant a tree and recycle something!

How Earth concious are you?

I try to be more and more. I do drive a huge SUV. I hate that it’s a gas hog, but I can’t fit all of us into the smaller cars and the newer eco-friendly SUV are $60-$65K!! I mean really??!!??

To balance that out, I recycle everything. My recycling bin runneth over. I usually have 2 bags of actual trash for the week.  After we move I’m planning on composting a lot of that.

I take my own bags to the store. I have collected about 11 of them now. My favorites are my Cart Helper bags http://www.reusablebags.com/store/packntote-grocery-cart-helper-bags-p-982.html

These bags rock! I also have a various store bags from Harris Teeter to Trader Joes. My family has started buying them for me. The bonus is, I get 10 cents off my groceries per bag.

Everyday I’m learning and trying to do more. I think those Hippies were on to something.