I got a call from my Ga Realtor today. I let it go to voicemail cause I don’t really like her all that much. I SHOULD get a new Realtor but at this point I just want the whole fucking process to be over and changing Realtors AGAIN would just delay that.

So anyway, voicemail.

She asked me to call her back as soon as I could. As soon as I could was about 4 hours later, but anyway….

At noon I got a call from the showing service asking if my house could be shown today between 1:30 – 3:30. yep, I got 1.5 hours notice. This past Sunday was my birthday and I celebrated from Friday through today. My husband was home all weekend and didn’t leave until Midnight last night. My house. Was. TRASHED!

I busted my ass, literally running through the house throwing things here and there. At one point I ran through the house pushing the vacuum in one hand and spraying a bottle of Febreeze in the other. The house was clean (enough) and I packed up the dog and took off.

After picking up the kids, I sat in the car and called Ga Realtor back. She said that the Realtor for the house we really wanted and put the offer in on called her today to ask if we were still interested. Seems the offer they accepted, the financing is shaky and the owner is getting nervous. They wanted to know if we wanted to submit a “back up offer”.

So, where we are now is, we are submitting another offer, still contingent on us selling this house first. We want to extend the contingency date. Originally it had us closing on May 21st and that’s just not possible unless we got an offer in the next week. I also want to talk about lowering our offer price since we were offering full price to begin with and they turned us down.

Regardless, we can’t do anything with any house until this one sells. Lets all chant to the internet gods that the people who looked at the house today love it and want to buy it.