So, last week we were Atlanta bound to house hunt. We rolled into Norcross, Ga around 11:30pm last Friday night. We were 2 hours and about 20miles north of first TORNADO to ever hit Atlanta. Yowsers! What a welcoming party.

So, that pretty much scrapped any plans to go into downtown while we were there. There was glass blowing out of hotel windows all week, and they had roads closed. We’ll have plenty of time to go into downtown I’m sure.

So Saturday morning I called my Realtor to let her know we were there and ready to hit the ground running. I left a message and when she called me back, she said she had some kind pf emergency and had to pass me off to someone else. Urgh…I hate change and I had already established a rapiore with THIS woman. She gave me the other woman’s number and I made my husband call because, damnit! I had done all the calling and talking and I was done. The woman had planned to meet with just me sometime during the week when she got time. HELLO!!!! We planned this trip back in OCTOBER. I didn’t drive 7 hours to be put off. We told her that we really needed to all sit down and get on the same page. So, we met later that evening. We ended up with a list of about 20 houses to do drive bys on on Sunday.

Sunday we got up and mapped out our route. Out of 20 houses, we ruled out all by 7 just based on neighborhoods and house appearance. We wanted a yard. We didn’t want to be 5 ft from our neighbors. We weren’t finding much.

I took the list to the Realtor on Monday and we went back and looked inside the houses. There was a lot of crap out there. We could have a decent house on a postage stamp lot, or a lot of land with a crap house.

We tried again on Tuesday

Wednesday I took a break. I was getting burnt out looking at shit houses

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from my dog sitter that her dog and my dog had gotten into a fight and it was bad enough to send her dog to the vet. I was pretty upset when I picked my husband up from the office that evening. He wanted to drive through a couple of neighborhoods in Duluth (Duluth! Duluth! Duluth is on fire. We don’t need no water let Duluth burn down!….don’t tell me I’m was the only one thinking that). While we were out driving my dog sitter called. I was trying to listen to her and my husband yakking in th other ear and try to hear where the TomTom was telling me to go and it was sensory overload and I had to pull over. We sat in a neighborhood for about 10 mins while I talked (all dogs are ok). As I pulled out I noticed a car coming in the other direction. Just enough to make note of it. We drove just a few feet and noticed a nice house with a for sale sign. We stopped to get the info out of the info box but there wasn’t any. As I pulled off I saw that same car only this time the guy had the window down and was slowing down. He was the Realtor for the house we were in front of and was supposed to meet someone there to show it, only she hadn’t shown up. He said since he was here he could show us if we wanted.

The house was beautiful. It was owned by a builder so you could see all the little finishing touches that only a builder would add to his own house. It was also out of our price range. The Realtor seemed confident that the owner would be willing to work with us, seeing how he really needed to sell the house. We told him we woudl consider it.

There were some slight “problems” with the house. The 4th bedroom was in the basement and there was no bathroom down there. Although it was the most beautiful basement I’d ever seen. The rooms were a bit small too, but overall, it was a turning point that lifted our sprirts and let us know that beautiful houses were out there and they were attainable.

We set out the next day with renewed hope and came across 2 other houses that we woudl consider. That night my husband and I had our first argument of the week, which was amazing since we had been living in a shoebox all week. I wanted a yard, he was willing to give up a yard for a nicer house. We just weren’t coming together on things and I was so frustrated I was ready to call it a week and come home without looking at another house.

Friday we set out again. We went out farther into Dacula (although I will forever call it Dracula). The first house we looked at had a beautiful backyard but we couldn’t get inside because they had changed the locks and left the wrong key. The second house was in eth same neighbor hood and looked to have the same floor plan. It was beautiful, but the yard was smaller and not fenced. Minor, but still of note.  The third house was the house. It was perfect. It had everything we wanted. The back yard huge. The house beautiful. We both knew this was it.

We went back to the office and put in an offer. It was a contingent offer. Our house here needs to sell. We set a date of 60 days to get our house sold, but we also offered full price. Then we waited…..

And waited…..

And waited some more

Finally yesterday we got the news that the seller doesn’t want to deal with a contingency of any kind. It doesn’t matter that her house has been sitting for a year, that she actually has a contingency offer on the house that she wants to buy or that we offered full price and she could still show the house and entertain offers  during our contingency period.

It just sucks and seriously, if one more person gives me the “everything happens for a reason” or “there is something better out there for you” line, I might punch them in the face.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to look back and see that something better was in the works, but right now I want to have my pity party, thank you very much