It’s been well over a month since I have typed anything up here. Kristine over at Random and Odd left me a comment that triggered the “you should update” crevice of my brain, so here I am, updating.

The birthday season is officially over! We have birthdays in my house in Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb. My youngest turned 8 on Feb 23rd. I’m now the mother of a 13, 11, and 8 yr old.  During this time period I also celebrated 11yrs of being married to the same man. Someone told me I deserved a medal, lol. Flowers would be nice. Maybe next year we can actually spend our anniversary together.

My daughter’s sweet, beloved, rat Winston died in January and we were all heartbroken. This guy held a very special place in everyone’s heart. He was 2yrs old which is pretty average in rat years and he lived a good life.

Not to replace Winston, because no rat will ever be able to, but we purchased 2 new babies, Hamlet and Graham. They are litter mates, “blue” dumbo rats. They have  great little personalities. We are quickly learning that owning 2 rats is so different than owning one. Did you know they eat more, and drink more, and want more attention? Yeah, who knew.

To update on our housing situation, our house offically goes into the MLS system on Saturday. We still have some stuff that we need to do and I hope we can do it this weekend. We had a dog chew through some siding in the back so that needs to be replaced. There is also some rot going on with some trim pieces so those need to be replaced. Mostly cosmetic stuff, but in this buyer’s market the cosmetic stuff will make or break a sale. We hope that we lowered the price enough to make us more attractive. We are selling out house for a good $10K less that other people around us, and $20K less than we could have made 2 yrs ago. Real estate can be so fickle.

As for moving to Ga, I had been adamant about not buying a house that needed “TLC” or was a “Fixer upper”. The house needed to be perfect because I’ve already spent 10yrs in a “fixer upper” and I was tired of “fixing up”. Well, I’m coming around. I’m seeing a lot of houses I <i>could</i> love if the counter tops were different, or that flooring was changed, or the kitchen was updated. So, I’m thinking that if we go with a cheaper house and put $30K into upgrades we are still coming out cheaper than buying in the price range we were originally looking at.

We are heading down in 2 weeks to house hunt. Wish me luck!

Soccer started up this week. This season I have 2 kids playing and lucky for me !! Practices are Monday/Weds for one, Tues/Fri for the other, along with Thurs dance night. YAY! Starting next weekend we will have 2 games every Saturday, except for Double Header Day when we get 4 games starting at 9am with the last game starting at 4:30pm. My newly 8 yr old sweetly informed me the other day that I was a “soccer mom”. Wonderful. Guess I shoudl go buy a minivan.

Speaking of minivan….

My truck is on it’s last legs. Well, not entirely, but it does have 232,000 miles on it and needs an EGR valve and sensor. Cost for the repairs, around $700. We had planned on me driving my truck until after we moved and then buying a new vehicle for me. So, honestly, putting $700 into a car I’m planning on driving for 3-5mths TOPS, doesn’t seem reasonable to me. So, right now we are trying to decide if I should just keep driving it as is, or go ahead and buy a new car. You’d think it would be an easy choice, but it’s really not. If we buy something now, it might affect our credit rating when we try to get mortgage loan approval (we are pre-approved). If I keep driving it, well, who knows what could happen. This will probably be discussed more this weekend while we are doing home repairs.

So, there’s an update. I still feel like things are spiraling out of control. I’m still trying to stay focused, but some days are just plain harder than others.  I’m hoping I feel more grounded after this trip to Atlanta.