Every feel like life is spiralling out of control and you ahev nothing to hold on to?

Yeah…..me too

I’m ready to be done with this move.

I’m ready to be in our new home and moving on with my life.

I feel like I’m stuck right now

Stuck gettingthis house ready to sell all by myself.

Stuck not even being able to look at new houses until we can get some financial shit taken care of .

Stuck being the stereotypical nagging wife in order to get my husband off his ass doing something.

O, he’s not that bad. Hes stuck too.

Stuck in the routine where I’ve allowed him to become complacent and dependant on me to do everything

Stuck in the role of the dad who’s never home and just wants to chill out when he is here

We are both stuck and it’s time to get unstuck.

I look forward to us being together more, but I’m also terrified. For almost 8 yrs we have lived apart. It will be hard to fall back into being a complete family. Sometimes I secretly wonder if that is what I even want or if I’m just telling myself I want it because I’m supposed to.

The truth is, I’m afraid he wont be the husband I want and I wont be the wife he wants.