So, it’s been a while, huh. I’m not sure when I last posted, but let’s see.

My daughter turned a year old on Nov 24th. I now have an 11 yr old daughter, pass the Prozac please. We had a nice, uneventful Thanksgiving. I got up and made ALLLL the food. My mother came over that afternoon and we ate. It was very yummy. I then crashed becaues not only was I tired from cooking all day, I was starting to get sick as well.  On Black Friday, my husband promiesd my daughter a trip to the mall for her birthday. I tagged along even though I was still not feeling 100%. Since I wasn’t there to actually buy anything, I was able to relax and not get stressed over the crowds. We let our daughter check out her favorite store, Limited Too, caught a movie, then grabbed some cheesecake on before heading home. Where I immediately crashed, lol

After Thanksgiving, on Nov 30th, my husband had surgery to, hopefully, cure his sleep apnea. Not only have I dealt with his snoring for 12 years, I also worry about him dying in his sleep. Not a normal spousal worry, but very real in my house. If you could hear him breath at night, you’d worry too. So, he had what is called the Pillar Procedure. A very simple procedure where they insert 4 slightly rigid pillars into the soft palate. Over time scar tissue forms around them, making your soft palate more rigid and preventing it from closing off your airway. But, that;s not all. He also had a   Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP or UP3). THey removed his uvula and repositioned nasal tissue to become oral tissue. Very invasive, very painful recovery. Sometimes they also remove the tonsils and adenoids along with the uvula, but he got to keep those. For now. He also underwent a septoplasty to repair a deviated septum. So, now you know, all those stars who claim rhinoplasty was for a deviated septum aren’t being completely honest, lol. His nose still looks the same, but his septum is all fixed. So, surgery was on a Friday. They said that follow up would be Monday and he would probably be ok to go back to work by Tuesday. They were wrong. He did nothing but lay in bed for a solid week. He only got up a week later and went to work because laying in bed was driving him crazy. Swallowing was extreamly painful. He lived off water, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese for that week. He only forced down the eggs and cottage cheese because he was starving. Playing nurse to him was not easy. He’s not a good patient. I was empathetic to him, but there is only so many times I can hear that this is all my fault because I’m ready to kick him out of the house, lol. Who knew wanting a healthy husband who wouldn’t have a heart attack in his sleep was such a bad thing. Of course his argument is that he could die anytime anywhere. Ok, so we just don’t even TRY to take care of ourselves. Like I said, he’s a miserable patient to have to take care of. He’s lucky I love him.

We’re 3 weeks post surgery now and he is feeling better, now we are just waiting to se if the surgery worked. His snoring stopped immediatly after surgery, but has since come back. Not as loud as before, but his breathing pattern is the same and that was the problem. The Dr said it would be 8 weeks before we could say whether the surgery was a success or not.  I’ll keep you informed. Since this was my Christmas present, I really hope it all works. There is one more surgical procedure he could do. We had decided to wait and see if this worked before going that route. After this experience though, I know he wont go back under the knife

So, that brings us to now. My husband’s birthday is on Saturday. I got him tickets to the Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys game. On Sunday, we are going to my mom’s house. Christmas eve we sometimes go to my husband’s family. I’m making oreo balls for him to take to his mother (I wont go – her and I don’t speak. It’s better that way). Christmas day we really just like to relax and enjoy being together as a family. Sometimes we go see a movie, but there just isn’t much out this year that we want to all see, so we might just hang out at home.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I probably wont be back until ’08