Novenber is not a good month for the whole “write everyday” thing. It’s just too busy a time for me, even when I’m not facing an impending move.

My daughter turns 11 next Saturday. Not wanting to compete with Thanksgiving, we usually let her have a little party the weekend before or after. My husband is having surgery the weekend after, so that wont really work. That leaves this weekend.

We had a plan. I was going to rent adjoining rooms at a local hotel that has an indoor pool. Let her invite 4 friends and we’d just hang out at the pool, eat pizza, and have fun. Well, 4 girls dropped t0 2, then to 1, and at $70 a room, I wasn’t going to go the hotel route.  So, one girl came over today to spend the night. Very small, very simple. I got some party favors and made up 2 little bags and got an ice cream cake. Later we are gonna go get pizza and come back and watch movies.

Other than party planning, I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing mission. I went through my closet yesterday. 1 1/2 hours of sorting and tossing. I got rid of clothes that don’t fit. I’m trying really hard to come to turns with not being a size 3 anymore. It was sad when I was carting off all my beautiful dresses that I just can’t squeeze into anymore. However, that just means I get to buy new clothes and that is always fun.

My lists of stuff that need sto be done is slowly being whittled down, but I have a long way to go.