So, I wanted to get my husband an amazing Christmas/Birthday gift (I never do combo gifts cause he grew up getting those and I find it kinda tacky to throw a Christmas present at a kid because you were too wrapped up in shit to remember his birthday was the 22nd, but that’s another thing all together, lol).
Anyway, he loves Carolina Panthers. They are playing Dallas on Dec 22 (his birthday). Panthers tickets sell out immediately, they are very hard to get. I camped out on ebay and managed to get 2 tickets.
So, I’m talking to him a couple days before the auction ends and he says that I must be losing my mind since i bid so much on Panthers tickets. I told him to stay the fuck outta my ebay account, Grr! I lost that particular auction but was able to get another one.
Well, he musta seen it before I was able to delete it from My ebay, cause tonight he called to say he was mad at me. I was like Why? I’ve been working WAY too hard here for him to be mad at me for anything. He says that he’s mad that I spent the money on those tickets and I should have spent it on me if I had to spend it. I told him I was TYING to do something nice for him and to just shut up about it. He goes on about how he doesn’t need stuff like that, the best gift I can give him is a hug, blah blah blah.

He’s gonna totally lose his shit when he finds out I’m flying his brother up from Texas for the game as a surprise to him.