So today I pulled the couch away from the wall to FINALLY finish up the patch job  back there. That was a mistake. You know the saying “Let sleeping dogs lie”? well, You should let couches stay the hell wher ethey are – especially is you have laminate/hardwood flooring. Do you have any idea how much crap ends up under there? Lots! And it brings company. And that company spills its drinks and leaves without cleaning up. It’s all rather rude.

So, of course, while I had the couch pulled out adn was waiting in the paint to dry, I cleaned and scrubbed the floor behind the couch. Then I pulled the kids’ computer desk out and did the same there. That lead to a full top to bottom cleaning of the living room. By the time I had to leave to get my daughter from school and take her to eth orthodontists, then back to school…it looked like Mr Clean threw up in my living room.

When I got home after the appointment, I was fooled for a moment when I walked into the house and the smell of clean tingled my nose. Then I rounded the corner to find it was just that mop bucket I had left there and the magical cleaning fairy had not visited and finished what I started. Bummer.

I managed to finish the living room before school was out. Of course it now looks like I’m a lazy bum who never does anything around here. Ahh the joys of having three kids.