So, I have 8 mths to get this house into shape, pack my shit and get the hell outta dodge…err….or something like that.

There are TONS of piddly little repairs that need to be done around the house that have just gotten pushed aside and neglected because we woudl “get to it”. Now it’s time to get to it. First repair was the hole in my living room cieling. My uncle came over and patched that, then I had him patch up some water damage on one wall, oh and hey while you’re here can you paint my kitchen and fix this one other thing. I finally had to pay him and be done with it or I woudl have tied him up and kept him in my closet, pulling him out to fix things around the house, lol.

The next thing we need to do is finish off our laminate floors. We made it all teh way to teh doorways. There we need custom cut thresholds. Just havent gotten to it. It’s on “The List”. Then we will need to replace some siding on the back of the house. We had planned to just re-side the whole house, but now it seems like too much expense for little profit since we are moving in 8 mths. Maybe I’m wrong? I don’t know, but I do know that something needs to be done out there.  We also have a few trim peices that need to be replaced, painted, “freshened up” if you will.

What I worked on today was de-cluttering. I’ve challenged us all to get rid of 10 things every week. Today I tackled my bathroom. I threw out 2 bags of crap that had just been accumulating over the years.  We’ve started putting “yard sale” items out in one corner of the storage building. We are gonna have a HUGE one in the spring.  Anyone need a bread maker? Jack La Lane juicer? Roaster? Microwave? How about a sofa and love seat? Wait a min, we might keep that…