I guess I forgot to update that part.

We are moving.

We currently live in Central NC, we’ll be relocating to the Atlanta-ish area.

I’d really like to  stay out of Atlanta, but we will have to be close enough to be within easy commuting distance to Norcross.

The past 7 yrs I have sacrificed my husband, my sanity, my tag team partner in this parenting gig, for work. It’s been hard. It’s been stressful. Sometimes I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and say, “Damnit! If I’m going to be a single parent, I might as well be single!”. All of that has been working towards the day when  he can move up the ladder enough to report to an office. That time has finally come. He’s been promoted to Project Manager. Right now, he’ll continue to work on the road while I finish up what needs to be done here, and the kids finish up their school year. In June, we’ll be moving, and I’ll get my husband back. I don’t know what is scarier…moving from my home of 30 plus years, or living with my husband. It’s been 7 yrs since we shared a home, and in that time I’ve grown up and changed a lot. I’m not that same 25 yr old. I’m “old and set in my ways” these days, lol.

I’ve been the mother, father, friend, chauffeur, nursemaid, everything to my kids for all these years. It will be hard to give up some of that control , even though I need to for my own sanity. He’s been a part time, at best, parent and needs to learn to deal with things instead of ignoring them or passing it off to me since he’ll just be gone in a few days anyway. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I hope we can make it.