So, Black Belt Mama invited my to join in on the “fun” of National Bog POst Month where you commit to postingevery day in teh month of November.

I’m not sure what all I’ll have to say this month. It should be an interesting experiment.

Today sucks. Thursdays are really busy days. I worked for 4 hours this morning, went straight to the animal shelter for volunteer duties, then to pick up the kids. I’m sitting here typing this while my daughter changes for dance. Then we are off to dance with soccer practice in between dance drop off and pick up. I’ll get home around 8:30 tonight. This is every Thursday. I hate Thursdays.

I’m working with my Sensei to see how far I can get in my martial arts before June when we move. This whole move is so overwhelming. I keep thinking of things I need to do.  Little things, big things, just things. Ahhh! It will be a long 8 mths.