Blog? Huh? What’s that?

Yeah, I’ve been scarce. Truth is, I just haven’t felt much like writing. My head is a whirlwind of …stuff…. right now.

My husband has been pretty miserable with his job for a long time. They have dangled a promotion in front of his face for about 6 mths now. His supervisor would whisper of “rumours” that he was being talked about for the promotion. It was everything my husband has worked for 7 yrs for. It woudl be the big pay off for these years of not having my husband. Well, last week he got a phone call from another company. They weren’t offering him the position he could get if he stayed with his current employer, but they were offering more money, better benefits, and the chance at that position within 3 mths (after the customary probationary period).

He put in his 2 week notice.

THe company owner is on his Honeymoon in Tahiti.

The other people in the company started freaking out that they were losing my husband and called the boss. ON HIS HONEYMOON!

The boss offered my husband the promotion he’s been after and gave him all the reasons he should stay.

My husband countered the offer and asked for more money since the promotion would require a move from our sleepy town in NC to Atlanta, Ga, resulting in a change in the cost of living. Considering I really like my life as a SAHM, it is important that we are able to maintain our lifestyle without me getting ajob. PLus, whats the point of a promotion and more money, if I hav eto go to work for us to live? Didn’t make sense to us.

Boss rebutted that, basically, teh offer on the tabel was it. Take it or leave it.

My husband brought up one last point in favor of more money. That being that the company is so small that we have the WORST medical coverage I’ve seen. We pay just under $1,000 a mth in premiums and our co-pay for Drs visits are still $40. Insanity! He asked for just a little more than the salary offer and said that he would accept the offer if it was raised to X-amount and would be willing to sign a contract basically stating he wont seek other employment, or something to that effect.

We haven’t heard back yet. On the one hand, he’s on his Honeymoon, in Tahiti, I wouldn’t respond either. Then there is teh school of thought that if it was a no, that would be simple enough to just say, right? Maybe he’s considering it? If that’s teh case, a move is in our near furture and I have  A LOT to do.

If it’s a no, we have a job change in a week, and I have A LOT to do. Including getting all the kids into the Dr for medication checks, and hopefully a 3 mth refill written to get us through the hump. Urgh!

I’m not sold on the move. I’m not looking forward to a job change either. I would really just like to know SOMETHING and get out of this insane tennis match.