So, this year I decided to have the Summer o’ Fun. I mean what good is being a SAHM and not having to answer to a “real” job if you don’t just up and go when the mood strikes you? So, since school ended we have been go, go, GO! I have dedicated this 5 weeks to making sure the kids have a blast.

The first thing up was a trip with my husband. First they spent 2 days at a local water park. Then, they had tickets to a WWE event (blech, but my boys love it). In between we went to a Durham Bulls game and gorged ourselves on hotdogs and nachos, lol.

Up next was a trip up to Richmond…DC for me, but I dropped the kids in Richmond. They had a ball for the 24 hours I was in DC having fun with my girlfriends. I was planning to come home after 2 days and ended up staying a week! I slept on my best friend’s couch and went spent the 4th of July in Port Kinsale. This is the 2nd year I have done this. It’s tradition now.  The kids love it, and it’s so relaxing. So, our 2 day trip that extended itse;f ended last Thursday.

Yesterday, My daughter’s friend’s mother hosts dinner parties all the time. She loves to entertain and any excuse to invite people she will do it. She has an annual 4th of July badminton tourney and this was the weekend for it (post 4th of July). So we all descend upon her place wit the kids and a side dish of our choosing. The kids play games, the adults play games….it’s all good fun.
I had already said I wasn’t going to play badminton. I haven’t played in over 20 years (God that makes me sound old). When I got there though, i got badgered into it. I told them I was the kid picked after the kid picked last in gym class. Everyone laughed then the host says “Ok, you’re with Kevin”. Poor Kevin, didn’t even get a choice.

So, we are up to play….We started out just warming up, and I SUCKED. I couldn’t hit the damn shuttle cock for nothing. Damn things. Kevin was getting a bit annoyed but was really trying to play it off. At one time he was asked if he was taking the game seriously and he replied “Well, I don’t really have a serious partner so, no”. *grumble grumble* So then the game starts and I guess I just needed to warm up cause I rocked! We lost, but barely. It was a very close, very exciting game. We had quite the audience, lol.
So, I thought we were out of the tournament so I went and enjoyed another margarita, lol (shut up, I had 2 over the course of 6 HOURS and if need be live within walking distance). Next thing I know, we’re up again. WTH?? I thought we were done! But here we go again. Then it starts raining. So here I am…..after 2 drinks, in the rain playing badminton. We totally kicked ass. Totally won that game. Whoo!
So, since it was pouring at this point we moved the party inside and ate (I had water the rest of the night TYVM)
When the rain stopped we headed back out to finish the tourney. And WTH? We are up again! I wasn’t ready for that. I bombed really really bad. Couldn’t get the damn thing over the net. It was horrible.
So, the lessen we learned here is that I can really kick ass in badminton when I’m slightly tipsy and it’s pouring rain.

Oh! and since I wasn’t planning on playing…I did all of this in my Birkenstocks, lol.

Today, I’m sore and feeling my age, lol. But that’s not all!

I have reservation for this Thursday for a quick trip out to the Outer Banks. We’ll be there from Thursday through Saturday. Sunday I have a bike ride. Two of my kids start school on Weds the 18th. (year round schools). I haven’t decided what we will do with those 2 days we have left. I might head back to the water park. We might blow off the first couple days of school and meet my husband in Atlanta (he’s working there)