I can’t do this

I’m not ready

I have no idea what I’m doing

How am I going to do this alone?

Snap out of it!

The ADA Tour de Cure ride for diabetes is THIS WEEKEND. I’m slightly freaking out. THis was the very first ride i tried to do and I failed miserably last year. I made it 10 miles and felt like I was going to die. It was this failure that motivated me to do the MS 150 without telling anyone outside of my immediate family. I traveled there alone and completed the ride all by myself, completly for myself. So, why am I so nervous now? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a mental thing from last year’s defeat. Maybe I just like to be a spaz, lol Either way, I’ll be taking my freaked out ass to the starting line Saturday monring and heading out. Wish me luck that I make it out on eth other side of 75 miles in one piece.

(I’m only able to do one day this year due to some child care issues)