My daughter is walking in her very first Relay for Life on May 18. She is walking for our friend Donna who lost her long battle with cancer last Oct. She is walking for her friend’s little brother (7yrs old) who is now in remission. She is walking for her teacher, a breast cancer survivor. She is 10yrs old and her life has already been affected by cancer.

On June 9-10th I’ll once again be riding in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes. It’s a 2-day, 150 mile bike ride to sponsored by the ADA to raise money to find a cure for this disease. My father in law lost his battle with Type 1 eight years ago. My own father battles Type 2 and can already call himself an amputee. He’s lost toes from something as simple as an ingrown toenail. Most recently the medication he was taking caused him to retain so much water that his legs were opening up, risking infection, and another amputation. The cure for that was another medication that caused his kidneys so much stress that they were starting to shut down. He’s just recently been taken off all oral medication and put on insulin.

On Sept 8-9th I will be again riding, this time in the MS 150. Another 2-day, 150-mile bike ride this time to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I didn’t know much about MS last year when I rode in this ride. I was more so just riding to be riding. That weekend really opened my eyes to this devastating and unpredictable illness. It can hit anyone at anytime in anyway. Some days you may not be able to walk. Another day you may be able to walk but you can’t see. Yet another day you may be able to see, but you can’t hold your child. No one knows what causes it, and there is no cure. There are no known environmental or genetic factors. No one can say they aren’t at risk for MS, we are all at risk.