So Saturday was a big day in the city. I got up as early as I could without an alarm blaring in my ear, and got ready to go.

We drove from Newark, through the Holland Tunnel. I’m NOT a fan of tunnels, lol. Found parking in the city and set out on our trek. We started in Central Park. I wanted to see Strawberry Fields.  We walked and walked and walked all over Central Prak. I think we still ended up only seeing half of it. It’s just HUGE.

We came to Tavern on the Green and sat for a while watching the cyclists and runner. I really wished I had my bike. There were horse drawn carriages at Tavern on the Green, so we headed over there for the carriage tour. That was nice. I love horses, and I’ve never had a carriage ride (not something you find in NC), so I just sat back and enjoyed it. It was funny to have other tourists taking pictures of us. I also pulled out my camera and took pictures of them.

After the carriage ride, we headed out of the park. We walked down by Columbus Circle and down…somewhere…ok, I was honestly lost most of the time so I can’t tell you exactly where were walked. We did hit this awesome little Irish Pub for lunch called The Emerald Inn. It was quaint and our waitress was from Dublin. I just loved listening to her talk.

We did more walking…then, more walking, and just a little more walking for the fun of it. We hopped on the subway for a bit and ended up somewhere else. Then we walked some more. All in all we walked for over 12 hours. While walking we ran into people handing out tickets to a comedy show. I love  live comedy so I was up for it.  the show was ok. Not spectacular, but for $5 I couldn’t complain.

When we left the show it was raining, so walking around wasn’t on my list of things to do. We went to eat and by then the rain had stopped. We headed to teh subway, but they were doing work on our line and it wasn’t running through that particular staion. We looked on eth map and to get back to parking we would need to either walk 14 blocks, or walk 1 block to eth next sub station, then 2 blocks to our car. We kept standing our talking about what to do and I finally said “I don’t care, let’s just do something” So we walked 14 blocks to our car. By the time we got there I was seriously hurting.

We got back to the room and I texted my friend to check on the kids, but then I crashed before she could text me back. I was that tired!

Next installment….Sunday in the city and my first Broadway show