One week ago, I started my NY journey. It started with sending the kids off to school for half the day while I finished up the packing and got the dog off to the vet for boarding.  I got all of that done and headed to get the kids, hoping to get them from school and hit the road by 1. That didn’t quite work out and we ended up running about an hour late. BUT! We did get on the road, making the 3-4 hour trek to Va (depends on how many times I take a wrong exit, have to stop to pee and how much traffic I hit).

We got to my friends house around 5-ish. Not bad time at all, for me especially. I spent the night on her couch and of course couldn’t sleep because I was so excited. She babysits her niece and nephew so at 7am, I was woken up by the sweetest not quit 2 yr old hug. Awwwwww.

Showered, dressed, and got ready to head to the airport. I’m not a good traveler. I’m one of those people who will get to the airport 3 hours before the flight, then sit by the gate because if I move, I might miss the flight!!!! Actual flying I do fine with. It’s the pomp and circumstance leading up to it that causes me issues.

My flight up to Newark, NJ (we stayed in Newark and drove into NYC everyday) couldn’t have been better. I had an A seat on a small aircraft so I was all alone by the window, and isle. YAY! We were number 1 to take off and by the time we got to cruising altitude, it was time to descend. Perfect, smooth, uneventful flight.

My husband was waiting for my by baggage claim. We headed to the hotel to drop stuff off then went on a tour of NY. It was cloudy and overcast, and rained off and on. After we ate, we decided to head back to the hotel and nap then go back out at night and see the city all lit up. We were both pretty exhausted and even after a semi-nap, we just weren’t up to go out later. We headed to a little Jersey pizza joint and ordered a pizza to go. We sat and had a beer while we waited for our order. This little place was very cool. Full of character. I loved it.

Back to the hotel, eat, then crash.

OK, that’s not too exciting. The real excitement started on Saturday, but if I wrote all about that in one day then what would I have to post the rest of the week.