I’m tragically a small town girl. Growing up it was my dream to escape to the Big City. It never happen and the older I got the more I felt like I just wasn’t cut out for city life. I grew comfortable where I was and people and crowds and noises just grated on my nerves. I used to watch the ball drop in Times Square and wish I was there….then I’d watch the ball drop and be soooo glad I was far from there.

Two years ago I went to Boston. I was very excited to finally be in a big city. Truthfully, I hated it. I found Boston to be dirty, and loud and the people were rude beyond belief. I was so happy to be home, where people let you in front of them in traffic and held the door open for you and said things like “Thank you” and “Excuse me”.

While I was excited about going to New York, I was a bit apprehensive that I wouldn’t like it once I got there. What if it was just Boston all over again? I am so glad that I was wrong. I love New York. I love The City. I was to have an illicit affair with Manhattan and flaunt it for all the world to see. Sure there were crowds, sure there was graffiti and trash on the street….but I never encountered one rude person. i even had a few people hold the door open for me (I’m sure they were just fellow tourists, lol).

I have so many stories to tell. The weekend was far too short. I now have a dream to live in New York, right in the heart of the city with nothing but my bike and a metro card for a month after my kids are grown and gone. I just want to soak up the city.

I’ll tell all about my adventures in teh coming days…for now I need to sleep.