I tested last night for my red/brown belt. YAY! I passed. I need work on my one step sparring, I know this. Everything else I nailed. With a bum knee even.  I was walking my dog on Thursday and as I stepped down, something in my knee went “pop’. That’s never good. I braced it up and went for it. I let Sensei know that it was hurty, but that I planned on pushing myself to my limit and not to worry about me. There was only one technique I didn’t do and that was the drop back kick. I just couldn’t put that mych weight directly on my knee. Every other kick, jumping, spinning, jumping and spinning, I did.

We have an official belt ceromony for family and friends next Friday. I get to put together a little demonstration. I’m thinking of reworking Kusanku with a bo staff. For right now I’m just excited and happy. I’m half a belt, or about 4-6 mths away from being a brown belt.