I have a belt test on Friday. I’m going for the “high red” otherwise known as half red, half brown, or a half belt away from brown belt. The last time I tested was Oct 2005. Between various kids sports activities and my rides I missed a bit of class so it’s just been THAT LONG since I tested last. Add to that my little fall last week and misses yet another week of class due to my knee and I’m nervous. I feel like I did the first time I tested. I’m afraid that I will mess up something. I’m afraid I’ll cry during 3 on 1 sparring (it’s happen before, I was able to hold back and compose myself, but it was a very mentally challenging day). I know my stances (14), my blocks (8), my kicks (26), my strikes (24), and I just need to run through my katas (7). What I’m worried about is the 14 effective one step sparring techniques and 14 effective self defense techniques…..I’m also VERY rusty on my sparring and have to go (as I said before) 3 on 1.