But not broken.

So, I’ve been really trying to find a good way to excersise my dog. I am just not a runner, so running with her wont work. We can walk all day long, but after a while…it just gets boring. So, I thought….I’m a cyclist. I bet the dog would love to run alongside the bike. Two or three trips around the block would wear her out pretty good (since she’d have to run the whole time.) So, because I’m not ready to be clipped into teh pedals, I pulled out my old bike (with the flat pedals), pumped up the tires and hopped on. Things were going great. I had the leashed looped around my wrost so I could still operate teh brakes, etc. We got 3/4 of the way around when,….she saw a bird. That quick, she lunged. Pulled me off the bike. It was ok though…..my knees and chin caught my fall. So, my right knee is busted up, my left knee hurts, and my chin is nicely scrapped (and my ego took a beating too).

A good friend of mine (and fellow cyclist) pointed me in the direction of a neat contraption called The Spinger. It’s garanteed to allow you to ride with your dog and prevent the kind of accident I had. 30 day garantee sounded good, so I ordered it.

And because I’ve lost my mind completely. I’m doing The Frostbite Tour bike ride for esophageal cancer in 3 weeks.

On the 16th, I have a belt test. It’s been way too long since I’ve tested, and…I’m majorly freaked out about it. I’m going for my hig red, which is have red half brown and a half belt away from brown (then high brown, then black…EEEK!). I’ve got myself in such a tizzy that I’m considering paying extra for a private test. That way if I fall on my face, no one sees it but the Sensei.